Mini LED Essential Oil Diffuser

Mini LED Essential Oil Diffuser
This wood grain aroma diffuser vaporises water and essential oils in its take to produce a cool dry fragrant mist in your home or office.
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Plastic ABS portable fashion mini small round shape LED light ultrasonic humidifier with USB connection mist maker.

  • USB Mini ultrasonic humidifie Size: Approx.110X110X90mm
  • Weight: 130g AC Apaptor: DC 5V Cable Length: 1m Rated Power: 2 watt
  • Spray part can not be placed in water or rinse it under the tap, please wipe clean with a damp cloth or wet sponge.
  • Water Capacity: 300ml before power on. Water shall not exceed the water line, so as not to overflow, please ensure that there is enough water in the water tank.
  • Replace the tank of water a day to ensure that the use of premises fresh air

Package Includes:
1 X Humidifier
1 X USB Cable
1 X Instruction Manual
2 X Cotton Cores

Simple select the type of essential oil you prefer, fill tank with water and turn it on. Used as an essential oil diffuser to relieve depression, stress, fatigue or headaches. Complete with a blue LED light to create a relaxing atmosphere.

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